Hilton Services Group are insurance claims specialists and General Contractors in Katy Texas just outside of Houston. We specialize in roof repair/replacement, attic and wall insulation, and complete restoration and remodeling. Our staff includes licensed insurance adjusters and experienced contractors.  We have the knowledge and experience to recover from the insurance company all the repair and/or replacement expenses of your storm related damages including  roofs, fences, sheds, fallen trees and any interior damages may need.  Why a claim specialist and not just your ordinary roofer or roofing company?  In most cases it can make the difference between a completely replaced roof or  just patched or repaired roof. Only a claims specialist knows how to deal with  the insurance company to make them pay for all the damages.

Did you know not all policies are created equally? You’re policy may only be covering the Actual Cash Value of your property at the time loss and not  the cost to replace it. Give us a call or fill out a contact form to set up
an appointment to review your policy.

Our Insurance Claims Specialists can analyze your loss and determine the next  step in dealing with your insurance company.